Sunray Fire Door Inspections & Survey Services

The Sunray fire door survey and inspection services represents one of only 16 businesses across the UK to actually hold the qualification under FDIS (Fire Door Inspection Service)

For your peace of mind before you commit to any Fire door survey or Fire door inspection in the UK, you should request to see exactly what certification or accreditation any company holds. Sunray Timber Fire Doors offer a truly consultative approach gained from years of experience in this very niche and specialised field, endorsed by qualification and accreditation.

So what does the Fire Door Survey provide?

Firstly a thorough and finite detail of each and every door captured within the survey to determine compliance or non-compliance to passive fire protection. Each door is meticulously measured and inspected to understand its potential fire integrity and rating. This will identify very quickly an overall picture of risk and where corrective action must be taken.

Will this mean a total replacement of Fire Doors, Sub-Frame and major disruption?

Providing the Sub-Frames are intact and the structure to which they are fixed to is stable, then no. However, that is not to say that the survey may make certain recommendation on certain fire doors in which the Sub-Frame of Sub-Structure should be replaced. We understand that disruption is timely and costly yet, compliance overrules. As each door is measured we will often recommend a straightforward replacement will give the corrective action and solution required and we will specify the Door type.

One key point to bear in mind with Timber Fire Doors, is that over time they will move, warp and change within the aperture of the frame and therefore the detailed measurements from the Survey will often mean the replacement door will be made slightly out of square or bespoke to ensure it works within an existing frame. Simply purchasing an off the shelf product and ignoring the survey dimensions will not work.

Following the Fire Door Survey, how can we ensure the right product is then supplied and installed for compliance, safety and integrity?

Sunray Timber Fire Doors, have two key elements to the business. The Fire Door Survey service, under FDIS and only one of 16 companies in the UK to hold full status. The other side to Sunray Fire Doors is it’s manufacturing plant which produces Fire Rated Timber Doors with Fire ratings from 30-120 minutes. Fire Stop partitioning and panels, Acoustic Doors, Xray Doors, Timber Security Doors, Flush framed Doors.

This ensures that once you have your Sunray Fire Door Survey, you have a choice of going to the open market to source what has been recommended or you can utilise the in-house ability and experience of Sunray Doors to manufacture the Fire Doors to meet the Fire Door Inspection Survey. Naturally this is a seamless transition between Fire Door Survey and manufacture and ensures what is required to meet criteria is supplied, installed and importantly covered by warranty.

Why would we need a Fire Door Survey?

All building owners and managers have a care of duty to its occupants in terms of providing a safe secure place of work or home. Recent events such as Grenfell Tower has highlighted that non-compliance of fire rated product can have disastrous consequences with the most tragic of outcomes. Whilst this is a rarity, we often see building cost at the detriment and compromise to safety.

A Sunray Fire Door Survey ensures any areas of commercial or multi residential dwellings have due diligence carried out to for Passive Fire Protection

What Qualifications and Accreditations set Sunray Timber Fire Doors apart from others in the market?

The following represent just some of Sunray Timber Fire Door division qualifications and affiliations:

  • Fire Door Inspector Scheme run by the BWF (British Woodwork Federation), CERTIFIRE and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) under rules by EXOVA Warrington.
  • The Building Research Establishment’s Loss Prevention Certification Board standard Loss Prevention Standard 1197.
  • Manufacture – EXOVA BM Trada – Q-Mark
  • Installation – Building Research Establishment Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1271
  • Maintenance – Building Research Establishment Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1197
  • Walls and linear gaps – Building Research Establishment Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1531 Accreditation is by : Exova Warrington FDIS – Certified Fire Door Inspectors. Loss Prevention Certification Board standards  LPS1271 and LPS1531.


Survey format are:

  1. Building construction documentation, fire risk assessments, evacuation policies and the like will be referred to and fire safety ratings confirmed.
  2. A programme of inspections and testing of all identified fire door assemblies will be carried out. Results will be cross referenced to the confirmed ratings and the door manufacturers fire safety certification data or representative data.
  3. Each door assembly will have a condition report, compliancy status with recommended actions if appropriate.
  4. The survey data will be collated and presented in a formal report with principle findings, conclusions and any recommendations. Further details will be contained on our inspections sheets, one for each door. Photography and notated floors plan may be used in the report for efficient identification of doors and to support findings.