Timber Fire Doors

Our expertise in Fire Doors and Screens ensures we provide the best fire protection solutions with UK certificate compliance, assurance and unrivalled Fire Protection performance.

We are able to Survey, Design, Manufacture and Install as accredited specialists and all within our own controls.

Wooden Fire Rated Doors

We offer an extensive range of fire safety glazing with our doors to suit your fire safety requirements including attack resistant panels, privacy screening, your organisations logo on a frosted manifestation and insulating panels.

Bespoke Timber Fire Doors

Sunray Timber Fire Doors provide the complete fire protection solution. We are a tested, trusted and dependable manufacturer which uses the latest technology without losing attention to detail. Our bespoke products match exacting dimensions, and critical fire safety standards. All of our fire protection doors are crafted to provide total confidence in any given application for passive fire protection.

complete fire protection door solution manufactured in UK

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We are industry leading and accredited specialist Surveyors for Fire Doors and Passive Fire Protection.

Our comprehensive service provides you with a detailed report outlining a Fire Door solution or remedial schedule for compliance.
Established and experienced, we take a consultative approach to your needs and provide you with options for both replacement and remedial scenarios.

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Fire Door Products

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Sunray Design, Manufacture and Install Fire Doors and Screens to the highest standards.

We are BM Trada Q-Mark certified and this ensures exacting standards of compliance and performance. Our Fire Doors and Screens have a Fire Rating from 30-120 minutes and we are able to tailor each project to your required design, size and finish.

We offer some of the finest veneer and painted finishes within the industry and provide specialist vision panels and locking options, and of course all meeting stringent performance criteria.


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Critical to correct Fire Door functionality, operation and compliance to certification, is the installation. Our directly employed and experienced installation teams provide a superior level of competency. Our history of installations throughout the UK and across all sectors ensures you can reply on expert advice and installation, which is then backed up by full certification for compliance.

We will actively work to accommodate your site program to minimise disruption and meet your deadline and in certain cases will work outside of normal hours for certain sectors.


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Our structured and responsive planned maintenance schedules provide the assurance that your Sunray Timber Fire Doors will remain operational and complaint thought the product lifecycle especially for critical path/exit areas of any given building.

We also provide a rapid response service, in the event of a door breakdown in which we will ensure your priority becomes our priority to remain safe, secure and operational.

Sectors we work in

NHS premises, both general hospitals and mental health care centres

Commercial Construction Projects

Education sector from independent day nurseries through the UKs largest universities

Leisure and Retail interiors

Government departments including Ministry of Defence

Private Social Housing Associations, local Authority housing groups

Historical refurbishment projects and listed buildings

Transport hubs