Fire Door Products

With so many off-the-shelf fire door products and bespoke internal & external Fire Rated Doors on the market it can be an overwhelming choice for the specifiers to choose wisely – without the fear of using a product which claims to meet performance criteria, yet is inferior and has no substance – which can lead to non-conformance of building regulations.

Sunray Timber Fire Doors provide the solution as a tested, trusted and dependable manufacturer. Our wooden fire protection products use the latest in manufacturing technology without losing the attention to detail required for bespoke fire doors and exacting dimensions. Meeting critical fire safety standards, our products are crafted to provide total confidence to any given application for passive fire protection.

With ratings from 30 to 120 minutes of Fire protection our fire doors are used in a variety of applications from Health Care, Hospitals, Schools and Universities to Hotels, Government and Commercial buildings – literally the majority of buildings adhering to Building and Fire regulations will require a Fire Door, which is why using Sunray Fire Doors is has become the specifiers choice.

From the initial design consideration through to fully finished installations and maintenance, to beyond our expert one stop shop package of services, Sunray Timber Fire Doors have a proven fire safety track record of meeting all the requirements of an organisations fire doors.

Fire Safety Compliance

A guiding principle of robust compliance, and truly representing the best interests of our clients, are services and products that are open to audit by UKAS approved agencies. Sunray Timber Fire Doors (was Prestige fire safety doors) excels in this principle. Sunray is regularly complimented and acknowledged as a sector leading company by UKAS agencies when it comes to cost effectively implementing prestige fire safety upgrades at competitive prices. We can help with fire safety compliance for positive fire risk assessments.


At Sunray Timber Fire Doors, fire safety is paramount. To provide our customers with the highest levels of assurance, we actively test our products for compliance with the most onerous performance, quality, and safety standards in the UK marketplace – and excel against each of them.

The following represent a selection of our fire door product and service scheme accreditations:

Manufacture – BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacture Scheme
Installation of Fire & Security Doorsets – BRE Loss Prevention Certification Board – LPS 1271
Installation & Application of Passive Fire Protection Products – BRE Loss Prevention Certification Board – LPS 1531
Inspection, Maintenance & Repair – BRE Loss Prevention Certification Board – LPS 1197

fire door products


The thirty minute category of fire door is the most common amongst the ratings.
fire door products


Sixty minute fire doors represent the higher performing side of main stream fire safety doors.
fire door products


Two hour timber fire doors are impressive fire safety systems manufactured with precision and exacting processes.

Fully Glazed, Vision Panel and
Bespoke Design Options

Our ISO9001 accredited production management standards support well controlled production programmes.

High Quality Veneer and Paint Finishes

Prestige are exceptional when it comes to apply quality finishes to our doors.

Heavy and Severe Duty Fire Door Options

Fire doors are intolerant to damage so supplying door that can with stand human interaction is important for your on-going protection and reduced maintenance costs.

Specialist Locking Options for
Anti Ligature/Anti Barricade

Our very successful Mental Healthcare range are installed in numerous NHS premises.

Historic, Heritage and Period Replicated
Doors and Finishes

We have produced multiple certificated fire door assemblies for listed buildings where heritage is a major consideration.

Panelling and Insulating Screens
Solid and Glazed

Building Regulations and Health Technical Memorandums sometimes stipulate fire insulating screens are required to protect circulation corridors.

Acoustic Fire Doors

We manufacture fire door assemblies with impressive noise reduction features.

Automated and Powered Opening Doors

Our doors are available with powered actuators for high traffic doors.

Access Control

We are able to provide specialist access solutions in which traffic through any door can be permission orientated enabling the utmost security.

Third Party Accreditation & Warranty

We are focussed on the delivery exceptional quality of both product and service leading to great value for money and client experience.

Exit Doors

Fire Exits form part of the critical path compliance for any Building, and as such must adhere to strict guidelines within building control.

Glazed Fire Doors

We offer an extensive range of fire safety glazing with our doors to suits your requirements including attack resistant panels, privacy screening, your organisations logo on a frosted manifestation and insulating panels.

Additional Time Rated Fire Door Products

Different colours available

We have a range of Standard Ral & BS4800 colours available, along with powder coating services for you to choose from.

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