Fire Safety

As experienced professionals with high levels of third party accreditation our services are second to none with regards to integrity to fire safety standards.

From the initial design consideration through to fully finished installations and maintenance, to beyond our expert one stop shop package of services, Sunray Timber Fire Doors have a proven fire safety track record of meeting all the requirements of an organisations fire doors.

Fire Safety Compliance

A guiding principle of robust compliance, and truly representing the best interests of our clients, are services and products that are open to audit by UKAS approved agencies. Sunray Timber Fire Doors (was Prestige fire safety doors) excels in this principle. Sunray is regularly complimented and acknowledged as a sector leading company by UKAS agencies when it comes to cost effectively implementing prestige fire safety upgrades at competitive prices. We can help with fire safety compliance for positive fire risk assessments.


At Sunray Timber Fire Doors, fire safety is paramount. We have carefully evaluated what standards will test our products and services the most. We actively seek to compile a portfolio of what we consider to be the most onerous set of certificated fire safety standards in the UK – and excel against them.

The following represent just some of our fire door safety qualifications and affiliations:

Fire Door Inspector Scheme run by the BWF (British Woodwork Federation), CERTIFIRE and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) under rules by EXOVA Warrington.

  • The Building Research Establishment’s Loss Prevention Certification Board standard Loss Prevention Standard 1197.
  • Manufacture – EXOVA BM Trada – Q-Mark
  • Installation – Building Research Establishment Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1271
  • Maintenance – Building Research Establishment Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1197
  • Walls and linear gaps – Building Research Establishment Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1531

Accreditation is by : Exova Warrington FDIS – Certified Fire Door Inspectors. Loss Prevention Certification Board standards LPS1271 and LPS1531.