Fire stop partitioning is a brand new ground-breaking fire rated partition for advanced fire protection in the UK.

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Fire Stop Partition Applications


Hotel / Leisure

Social Housing


As specialists in Timber Fire Doors, Sunray Doors  also hold the qualification and certification to provide Fire Protective Walls, Fire Partitions, Fire Barriers and Cavity seals.

Any specifier or builder must consider the spread of flame when building and installing a stud or partition wall either side of a Fire Door. Critically they should be approved to do so and in compliance with LPCB LPS 1531 which covers the Fire Penetration, Cavity Barriers, Linear Gap Seals and Fire Resistant Compartment Wall Systems.

By the very nature of this work, this will be a barrier to the intense spread of fire, and as such can only be carried out be approved and competent installers.

Please contact us for more information or discuss your fire stop partitioning requirements.